Happiness & Horsemanship

By; Keen Behringer

Where we explore mental strength, staying focused, and personal growth through the challenges we overcome in life and in horsemanship. Follow us on this journey of parenthood, horse training, character building and humor while we navigate through this crazy journey called life!

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Latest from the Blog

I Sold My Daughter’s Horse Today

I sold my daughter’s horse today. I went in the barn and did all the things you do when you sell a horse. It seemed almost ceremonious as I gave her one last haircut to be sure she would leave the farm looking in top order. I took off her sheet that was embroidered with her name and adorned in our stable colors. I put a miscellaneous sheet on her to send her off with. This was certainly not the first time I sold a special horse but I had never felt so peculiar about removing my stable colors from a horses back.

Strength; A Letter To My Fellow Horsemen

I, as everyone, have faced the uncertainty of this time. I have faced the sudden loss of income. I have faced the government’s inability to deliver assistance and fulfill promises in real time. I have faced my own negativity and the negativity of my loved ones. I have faced my demons. Then, I faced the strength of my piers. I faced the influence and power that my industry has while we are all standing on the same sinking ship. I have watched us all start to row together headed towards the shore. I have faced the degree of intensity that my fellow horse trainers have in the belief that everything is going to be okay. I have watched the capacity of my industry to withstand this storm.

Nobody said…

Nobody ever said it’d be easy girl,
Nope, nobody ever did.
Nobody ever told you about the pain and the struggle,
Nope, nobody ever did.

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